Thursday, April 26, 2012

Salisbury, mom to the 8 pups!

Contributed by Salisbury's foster Mom 

 I haven't written much about Salisbury since she was so sick for the first part of her stay here. Libby (Salisbury) is an amazing and special girl. I believe she was someone's loved pet and somehow ended up in the puppy mill. Princess Libby has always gone outside to potty and will let us know if she needs to go out. She has given kisses since day one of being here. Rolls over and offers her tummy for a rub. She also likes to scratch her back out in the grass while groaning with pleasure. She reminds me a lot of our Tootsie.

Salisbury was accustomed to everything in the house...doors, steps, noises, etc. She asks to come up on the couch as she isn't quite strong enough to jump at this point...lack of proper nutrition and exercise in the mill I am sure. As you will see in the pictures, Libby makes herself right to home on the couch. Libby has taken treats gently from our hands from from the day she arrived also. She listens better than my kids:) Whoever is lucky enough to be approved to adopt this girl will be getting one loving, silly sweet girl.

Salisbury is being fostereed in Arkansas along with her puppies and she will be available for adoption at a later date. You can learn more about her and her puppies at our website by clicking on Available cairns.

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