Thursday, April 19, 2012

Video of Carolina's pups at 5 weeks!

Contributed by Carolina and her pups' foster Mom


 Here they are playing today. They no longer want to walk, they scamper! LOL We're feeding them a gruel mix twice a day now, and they've all got fat little tummies, but Beaufort is still the "tugboat" of the group. Today's weights were - Hatteras 38.3oz, Beaufort 46.6, Bodie 45.1, Banks 42.7, Mayberry 43, and Appalachia 41.7.

Today they learned a new word. OOWWWW!  I had 3 of them attacking my bare ankles while I was in the pen changing out the pads on the floor, and they were trying to use me as a teething toy! We've moved them to the big side of the ex pen, and mom has the smaller area for a retreat. They are capable of getting over the 1x10" board we've got as a divider if they really want to - Mayberry was the first to scale the wall to be in with momma. Hatteras is our shy girl - she likes to retreat to the corner of the bed when things get too crazy. She's a corner type of girl - she also goes to a corner to poop :-) Banks is also a bed lover, except he likes to go chew on the blanket edges or play with a toy by himself, all stretched out like a little stud muffin. He also likes to give a little bark if he thinks he's missing out on something, and then he comes running to be a part of the action. Appalachia and Beaufort are middle of the road kids - they might be joining in the wrestling matches, or they may be trying to find a spot to nap. Mayberry and Bodie are the adventurers and the first to greet you and check things out. It's funny they've buddied up like this because if I had to pair them up on looks, this is how I'd pair them up on looking alike! 

 Momma continues to be a 5 year old puppy herself. We have toys we can only put in the pen when she's outside, or she gets too crazy with them and forgets about being in with her puppies, jumping in and out of her area right onto them and bowling them over. She's got a couple toys she tries shredding (pulling their parts off, really), and then there's the little plastic squeaky ones she carries around squeaking constantly, and the puppies actually run away as if they think there's something wrong and they're scared. We've got a little red rubber goldfish that the puppies love to chew on (they rarely make it squeak yet), but it's the one that causes the most problems - Carolina tosses it FEET up into the air and charges after it, knocking puppies over as she goes. We thought for a minute maybe she was just teaching her kids to play, but we couldn't stand the roughness so make sure it's out of the pen before she's back in again.

 Auntie Gayla made them camo fleece bone toys, and the puppies love them - they're light enough but big enough that they enjoy wrestling with them one-on-one :-) It's fun watching them try to shake the stuffing out of a toy at this age!  Oh, and Barney's really had a kick watching them pee - something someone is doing literally every five minutes when they're awake - because even at this age, they're developing the terrier scratch/kick instinct after pottying! 

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