Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Written by CP's VP of Intakes

When I was a kid, I always begged my parents to go to the circus when it came to town. I loved the majestic beauty of the animals, the silly antics of the clowns, jugglers and acrobats, and the death defying feats of the tightrope and trapeze artists. There was always a carnival atmosphere, lots of yummy treats and your face lit up immediately as you approached the Big Top in anticipation of "The Greatest Show on Earth". To this day, just hearing that the circus is coming to town conjures up many happy and special memories for me.

Last week we were contacted about a group of Cairns that needed rescue or were going to die. They're all young and should have been enjoying many happy days with a family of their own doing silly clown like antics earning them special treats. I hope now that they have found themselves "Under The Big Top" of Col. Potter, they will learn what fun, laughter and silliness is all about and find their true inner Cairn. They all look so scared and sad in their pictures, but I'll bet soon they will all have big clown smiles on their faces!

Ringling - Male, wheaten, estimated 18 months old

Barnum - Male, black brindle, estimated 2-3 years old

Trapeze - Male, red, estimated 12 months

Stilts - Female, red brindle, estimated 18 months old

Acrobat - Male, black brindle, estimated 18 months old

Juggler - Female, red brindle, estimated 3 years old

Clown - Female, red brindle, estimated 2-3 years old

Just like a three ring circus, Under the Big Top has moved from the first ring, into the second ring which is Col. Potter's loving arms and will be awaiting ring three, which will be their happily ever after in a loving forever home. Let's give them a big round applause -- Welcome Under the Big Top!

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Anonymous said...

I am Acrobat's adopted mom. He is now named Hamish. He has been with me for just 1 year and it has taken a lot of love and patience but he is becoming less fearful all the time. It is so rewarding to see him progress. If you have a little patience and a lot of love don't hesitate to snatch up one of these available dogs. You won't regret it. Every step forward brings so much joy.