Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Welcome Glynis to CP!

Col. Potter expanded the cairn family to include a beautiful wheaten girl named Glynis.  This sweet girl's life was at risk because she found herself in a shelter too long, was ill with kennel cough, and a planned rescue fell through.  In less than 48 hours of learning that Glynis was at risk, a wonderful Col. Potter volunteer had whisked her from the shelter, cleaned her up, and delivered her to the vet. 

 This calm, friendly, and well mannered lady had been neglected as evidenced by her matted coat.  Glynis stretched out and relaxed as her coat was combed and her ears were trimmed.  Glynis will enjoy her spa week which will include a necessary introduction to healthy eating and exercise.  Miss Glynis will be working to reduce her current 30 lbs to a more healthy and svelte figure.  Please welcome this lucky and beautiful lady.

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