Monday, August 13, 2012

When was the last time you wormed your dog?

by Michael Gilday
  Connecticut Dweller's Lament

Worms rob your dog of nutrients and make them feel terrible. When was the last time you wormed your dog? Chances are, it's been awhile. You may think your dog is free of intestinal parasites, but the reality is if it's been more than six months since you've had your dog wormed, they probably have worms. Dogs can get worms from a variety of sources. They can get tape worms by ingesting fleas, heart worms from mosquito bites, and they can get hookworms just by walking around outside (as hookworm larva nests in soil). And before you think worms are your dog's problem, remember many parasites are opportunistic and would be just as happy in your intestines as they are in your dog's.

The best defense, in this case, is a good offense in the form of regular de-worming. There are plenty of prescription strength de-wormers out there, as well as brands you can buy off pet supply websites or catalogs. Some vets won't prescribe the medication unless there's proof your dog has worms, while others encourage preventative de-worming twice a year.

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