Thursday, November 15, 2012

Mary Ellen Survives the Storm!

Written by a CP Intakes Coordinator

 Mary Ellen, Estimated 9 – 10 years old

Americans have heard about the damage inflicted on the East coast by Hurricane Sandy.  We have heard about people without electricity, food and water.  Unfortunately, this storm affected both man and beast as many animals were separated from their owners.   

Some of these pets were taken to animal shelters to await reclaim by their owners.  Many already crowded animal shelters experienced a huge influx of animals, despite the fact that they were operating with little or no electricity.  It was in this environment that one sweet senior Cairn girl was discovered.  Happily, CP was able to assist.  This little girl was named after a long-time CP volunteer that also endured the difficulties of Hurricane Sandy.  

Please welcome Mary Ellen to the CP family!

A big Thank You to Chris C. for driving through the Nor'easter to ensure that this girl was rescued promptly!

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