Monday, November 12, 2012

O Canada!

Contributed by CP's VP of Intakes
 Charlottetown - F
Edmonton -M
Fredericton - M
Halifax - F
Quebec - F
Toronto - F

Yellowknife -F

The heart and soul of Col. Potter Cairn Rescue is our volunteers, our family that pitches in to do whatever it takes to help the Cairns in need.  Last weekend was a remarkable display of that family in action!

Thanks to some very dedicated and devoted family members, SEVEN Cairns are now enjoying freedom and everything that being wrapped in the loving arms of Col. Potter holds!  I have to extend VERY SPECIAL THANKS to Jane R., Doc S., Pam M., and Kathy H. for giving up a big part of their weekend to make this possible!

But the family help started several months ago!  A group of our Canadian family held a fundraising event parking cars to benefit Col. Potter.  They raised a tremendous amount of money for the furkids and this group of furkids is named from that donation.

Presenting O Canada:

#4352 Yellowknife - F, wheaton, DOB 7/1/09
#4353 Halifax - F, wheaton, DOB 6/15/06
#4354 Toronto - F, wheaton, DOB 12/20/04
#4355 Charlottetown - F, wheaton, DOB 11/29/04
#4356 Quebec - F, wheaton, DOB 11/1/04
#4357 Edmonton - M, wheaton, DOB 7/9/09
#4358 Fredericton - M. wheaton, DOB 7/1/09

Please help me welcome O Canada to CP and say thanks to all that helped make their arrival possible!

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