Thursday, November 1, 2012

Remembering Maraschino 10/30/12

Contributed by a CP Volunteer

Maraschino on intake

We will never forget the smiling little strawberry blond who closed out the CPCRN Intakes roster at the end of December, 2011. Having been banished, year-round, to an outside enclosure, come rain or shine, for a number of years, her skin was in terrible condition, her coat was dirty and matted, caked with waste and infested with fleas, her mouth was full of infected and damaged teeth, and she was suffering from a bad urinary tract infection. Yet she smiled! These conditions might break some, but this plucky little girl moved on to her new life showing nothing but courage and true Cairn determination in overcoming life’s complications.

 Now fit, beautiful, and delightfully smart, Miss Marachino, at age thirteen, loved living with her Cairn Foster brothers, giving them all a run for their money in every game, including keeping pesky squirrels out of the yard, and dispatching a dreaded bufo toad! She absolutely Loved her toys, which she piled up in her playpen, and she was wonderfully playful, easily figuring out interactive educational toys, and performing commands to perfection. Of course, she was also happy to snuggle up beside her Foster Mom or settle quietly on the floor, helping her watch t.v., work on the computer, or read a good book, generously offering to let Foster Mom rub her little belly, knowing it was a wonderful way to help her de-stress!

 Marachino discovered that she loved swimming in Foster Mom and Dad’s pool, but more important than that, she realized that Foster Mom and Dad and her Foster brothers were truly her own special Forever family and that she had no need to look further! Tragically, her time on earth had numbered days that Mom and Dad could not control, and suddenly she had to make that long, solo run, into the light that shines on the Bridge. Too soon…

 Please remember that beautiful smile on that cold December day, and recall the courage and spirit with which this beautiful little girl tackled everything. Know the time she had with us was far too short, but that it was fuller and richer than she had ever known before. Marachino had a 2nd chance thanks to Col. Potter and the many wonderful volunteers, and she knew great love thanks to her Mom and Dad who will forever hold her in their hearts.

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Unknown said...

A wonderful tribute to the Mighty Marachino. The hugeness of spirit of these little dogs and their ability to look forward and start over is a gift.

Thanks for giving Marachino a real reason to know she could start over without ever having to look back at what once had been.