Monday, December 3, 2012

Sarut’s 2nd Christmas!

Contributed by Sarut’s Mommy

Sarut Celebrating her First Christmas in 2011

As we approach our second Christmas with the lovely, amazing Princess Sarut gracing our family, we cannot help but reflect on the contrast between the mill and the life she now enjoys. 

She no longer sneaks toys from the toy box.  Rather, our little empress may even boldly snatch a desired treasure from one of the others and confidently drag it to one of her beds!  She has begun refusing chips unless they have dip on them, and does not get up in the evening snack-share line at Dad's recliner;  Mom has to bring her share to her as she remains perched on her bed in front of the TV. 

We use her name when wanting to get in or out of things, even with each other, knowing our reason will not be questioned if "it's the way Sarut wants it."  We find ourselves reading labels and researching things like dry-eye, toys made in China, dog treat recipes, etc., with extreme intensity since our sweetie joined us.  We've always been this way with our animals, but the difference now is since Sarut has become part of our family, people no longer roll their eyes at us;  they simply say, "Oh yes, you have to be like this because of Sarut" and they applaud us for it. 

Okay, this may all be very comical.  The truth is, as many wonderful blessings as Sarut has brought to our lives and our other pets, look at all she had to offer and no one knew for 6 1/2 years while she sat in Nowhere, Texas!  How many more are out there in the "Nowheres"?  So many have lived and died there.  Col. Potter cannot save every dog, but even saving one is extremely important.  Everyone cannot adopt many dogs, but adopting even one is so meaningful. 

Even if you adopt for selfish reasons, it's still great for the dog!  Show that dog off, indulge him/her, buy every collar, leash, bandana, healthy treat, etc., you can find.  Hug and kiss them and buy toys every day.  Take them everywhere and stick your nose in the air knowing they're yours.  Dance with them, sing to them, read stories to them, do everything!  Be completely selfish and enjoy the hell out of them!  Tell them how wonderful they are and include them when you pray for Col. Potter and the un-rescued dogs out there.
All of us, our dogs, cats, chickens, and least of all Mommy and Daddy, wish everyone a great holiday season!

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