Monday, January 21, 2013

Col. Potter Welcomes I Have A Dream!

Contributed by CP's VP of Intakes

Today is a National Holiday in the United States to honor Dr. Martin Luther King.  Probably more than anyone else, Dr. King is the everlasting symbol of the civil rights movement and his speech where he kept repeating "I have a dream" is undoubtedly one of the most famous speeches in history.  Martin Luther King's dream of equality became reality.

To steal Dr. Martin Luther King's words...  I Have A Dream where all Cairns will know freedom, love and care.  I Have A Dream where there will be no more abuse, neglect or cruelty when it comes to our canine friends.  I Have A Dream where there will no longer be animal overpopulation and kill shelters that have to deal with the issue in the only way they can -- euthanasia.  I Have A Dream where Col. Potter will no longer be necessary because there will be no homeless Cairns in need of Rescue.

Justice - Black Brindle Male
Pride - Wheaten Male
Equality - Wheaten Female
Opportunity - Wheaten Female
Promise - Wheaten Female

The Dream became reality for five Cairns this past Saturday.  Col. Potter, with the intake of this group, has now made freedom and a second opportunity reality for 3,500 Cairns since our inception!  It is with great pride that I introduce to you "I Have A Dream"

#5384 Justice - M, Black Brindle
#5385 Pride - M, Wheaten
#5386 Equality - F, Wheaten
#5387 Opportunity - F, Wheaten
#5388 Promise - F, Wheaten

May there be Equality for every little Cairn to have an Opportunity to enjoy the Promise of Justice for their abusers and take Pride in knowing they are part of the CP family ...

I Have A Dream...

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