Tuesday, January 22, 2013

My Mother's Girls Adopt Col. Potter!

Contributed by CP's VP of Intakes

Chrysler - Black Brindle Female, born in 2006

 Palatine - Wheaten Female, born in 2006

It's been almost three months since my mother's passing, but I know that she is still with me and can feel her presence almost every day.  The first few days after her passing, she "haunted" me, obviously wanting to make sure that I followed her wishes to the letter for her funeral and burial.  She came to me in my dreams, I heard her voice during the day and things would move without explanation in the house.  Gradually these occurrences have lessened and now mostly I can feel her "love" in less intrusive ways which make me smile and think of her with wonderful memories.

One of the great things about Col. Potter is the friendships that develop.  I have to say that I am very lucky to be part of the Rescue/Intakes Team where many of us are much more than just friends, we are family and these relationships will last a lifetime.  Another great thing about Col. Potter is the Name a Rescue Cairn Program.  My wonderful Rescue/Intakes Team members donated in memory of my mother to name not one, but two Cairns.  Sunday, we were out shopping, and my mother came to me in the form of seeing something at the store that reminded me of my mom.  Little did I know that she was sending me a message that there were two little Cairn girls that needed CP's help to find their way to freedom and a new life.  And so, I would like to introduce My Mother's Girls...

#4365 Chrysler - F, Black Brindle, born in 2006
#4366 Palatine - F, Wheaten, born in 2006

My mom was very opinonated, especially as she got older and when she liked something, there was no changing her mind.  My parents bought their first Chrysler car in 1959 and never drove another brand of vehicle and so I chose Chrysler to represent the brand of car my mother loved and how she related her freedom to having her car and being able to drive.  After my mother could no longer live independently and we moved her to Wisconsin with us, she enjoyed her time in Wisconsin, but it was never home to her and she longed to one day go home.  My mother and father are both buried  where they called home, Palatine, IL and so I chose the name Palatine.  I hope this will make my mother happy that she has "her" car and can drive "home".  Freedom and a home are what these two little girls will now have.   I miss and love you mom, rest in peace ...

Chrysler and Palatine, welcome to the CP family! 

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