Friday, January 25, 2013

Ringing into the New Year…

Contributed by CP Foster Archibald

Hey!  Look at me!  Doesn’t my revitalized coat look great?

Warm greetings from Texas!

In case you don’t know, my name is Archibald, but you can call me “Arch” if you like!  I am hoping, maybe, you would like to call me “your own”?  At least think about it?

I am quite a good companion, now that Foster Mom has taught me a few things, and I am the most excellent house guest she has ever had, or so she says - Even better than the resident dogs!  I am friendly to everyone, I am courteous when playing with my Foster siblings, and I am cool and calm when everyone else is barking up a storm, chasing a squirrel or some other critter.  I am so quiet in the house, Foster Mom keeps my Christmas bell on my collar so she can find me!

I don’t bark so much anymore!  I wear a bell, I’m so quiet!

Surprised?  If you don’t remember, when I first came to Foster Mom, she just didn’t understand what I was trying to tell her, and she did not realize that I did not know how to read lips.  She thought I was just barking and barking!  But Foster Mom really studied me and realized that I could not hear her!  So I couldn’t hear her and she didn’t understand me – sounds like a lot of people, right? 

Anyway, my Foster Mom was determined to resolve our communication problem and she started working with hand signals.  I see pretty darn well – and I am very smart – so this hand signing worked out very well!  It is quite simple, really, and I know signs for “Sit” “Down” “Shake” “Quiet” and “Cool it” and my Foster Mom can teach these signs to you very quickly – so we could communicate too!

I am very well mannered with my Foster sister!

“Cool it” is my special signal to not get excited about Foster Mom’s food.  I am very “food motivated” – which is great for training – but I have to be careful about what I eat so my beautiful coat stays lush.  Foster Mom has worked very hard to get rid of my skin problems and she tells me that I have to only eat the proper grain-free food to keep my coat and skin in good shape.   Of course, I would still love to eat Foster Mom’s food too, so “Cool it” comes in handy when I get excited and forget how miserable I was before Foster Mom straightened out my diet.  That’s really the only fault I can confess to, so I am sure you will be able to work this out with me as well!

Oh!  And I discovered you don’t need a lot of teeth to kill a squirrel!

O.K., Time for a quick nap…

I really am a great companion… and very cute!

I would love to be your only companion, getting all your attention, and maybe learning to be a Therapy Dog or something, but I am also perfectly fine with other siblings if you are truly the right person for me.   Fill out an Application for Adoption and tell me about yourself! 

It might be a good sign!  

CP Foster Archibald aka “Arch”


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