Friday, February 15, 2013

Two Special Boys find Love at Col. Potter!

Contributed by CP's VP of Intakes

Brandy Alexander, 5 year old Wheaten Male

Ziggyman, 10 month old Wheaten Male

It's time for slings and arrows, hearts and flowers, current loves, and ones no longer with us... Yes, it's Valentine's Day this week, and most people think of other humans in terms of being their Valentine, but many of us Cairn Lovers also consider our furkids when celebrating Valentine's Day.  After all, we each have that special "heart" dog and Valentine's Day is the holiday of hearts!

Two little male Cairns have never had anyone to love them, and most certainly were never anyone's "heart" dog, but all of that changed this week when they became members of the Col. Potter family.  As you can see from their pictures, they certainly can stand some loving care, and that's exactly what they are getting.  One day, real soon, they too will know what love is and become someone's "heart" dog!

Both of their names come from our Name a Rescue Cairn Program and were donated in memory of very special furkids, so what could be more appropriate than for these boys to carry the names of furkids that were so very loved...

Brandy Alexander:  Male, 5 years old, hanging dreadlocks all over his body – His name is donated by Claire M. in memory of her wonderful Collie;

Ziggyman:  Male, 10 months old, black, leathery skin on his little body – His name is donated by Debbie C. in honor of her Ziggy - he was loved so much;

These Two Special Boys will immediately start feeling the outpouring of Love from their CP family as we wrap our gentle, loving arms around them!

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