Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Roosevelt has been Rescued by Col. Potter!

Written by a CP Intakes Coordinator

Roosevelt, a handsome 2 year old Black Brindle Male
Every Cairn rescue is celebrated, but the rescues where a Cairn was in imminent danger are particularly rewarding.  Last week, Col. Potter found a Cairn that had completed his stray hold at a shelter and could become at risk of euthanasia the next morning. The sweet 2 year old, 16 lb. boy was at increased risk because he was very fearful in the shelter environment.  

With the help of a wonderful shelter volunteer, CP was able to gather needed information and, within an hour, a down on his luck Cairn became a very lucky CP boy!  Roosevelt will now move to the safety and comfort of his Foster home after a spa week.  

A very special thank you for Mary Ellen L. for donating the name Roosevelt through CP's Name a Rescue Cairn Program.  Mary Ellen donated the name Roosevelt in memory of a very special friend, John, who passed away in January 2013.  A veteran of WWII, John always complained Franklin Delano Roosevelt ruined the country by doing away with the gold standard.  In honor of John, the name Roosevelt was donated.

Welcome Roosevelt! 

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