Monday, May 6, 2013

Collier Begins Again with Col. Potter!

Written by a CP Intakes Coordinator

Collier, an active 2 year old Wheaten Male
The world witnessed the horror of the Boston Marathon bombing incident a few weeks ago.  The reign of terror continued afterwards and another innocent victim was added to the list, the young MIT police office, Sean Collier.  In his short 27 years of life, this young man touched many hearts with his wit, personality, zest for life, professionalism, and, most of all, his big, caring heart and easy smile.  These are two good things to remember and remember about his life. 

As a tribute to this fine young man, our newest young boy is named Collier.  He is two years old and has had quite the experience in his short life.  Early Winter, he was found out in the country in the middle of nowhere.  He was very hungry and cold, with no shelter.  He had no ID or even a collar.  A Rescue Angel came along and offered him a ride to the nearest vet clinic, where Collier enjoyed warm quarters and plenty of food!  When no on came forward to claim this little guy, the kindly vet began the search for a new home for his young patient.  One day, a man came to the vet clinic with one of his animals and he took Collier home to his family.  Home at last, but not for long...

Collier, adorable, young, and full of Cairn instincts!
Although Collier loved his family and they loved him, it wasn't the best place for a young Cairn with a very healthy prey drive.  Life down on the farm was far too tempting -  although Collier thought he was in Cairn heaven!  The day he caught his own fresh dinner, it was decided that he needed a home with less temptation.  Sometimes prey drive just gets in the way!

This young Cairn survived a rough situation out in the cold on his own and is very lucky to be alive.  He's enjoying the better things in life now, thanks to an unknown Rescue Angel.  It is easy to imagine that Collier's Rescue Angel was a lot like Officer Collier - always putting others first and helping in any way possible.

Please welcome Collier - a very lively and adorable young boy!

Humbly and in honor, a four paw salute to Officer Sean Collier.

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