Friday, June 7, 2013

The Balcony is Open at Col. Potter!

Contributed by CP's VP of Intakes

Get a tub of hot, buttered popcorn and a tall, cold drink, pull up a seat, and make yourself comfortable as you are about to be entertained by two of the most famous celebrities and they aren't even movie stars!  For years, the show "At The Movies" starred Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert as movie critics, usually with very different opinions of the movies they were reviewing.  They were equally famous for their "Thumbs Up / Thumbs Down" rating system.  People watched "At The Movies" as much for the interaction between Siskel and Ebert as for their actual ratings of movies!  During their time as hosts together, the series was nominated for Primetime Emmy Awards seven times and also for Outstanding Information Series.  Sadly, Gene Siskel died in 1999 and Roger Ebert succumbed to cancer earlier this year, but the memory of Siskel and Ebert will live on in movie goers' minds far in to the future.

Siskel, a 5-6 year old Wheaten Female
Ebert, a 5-6 year old Black Brindle Male

And now, CP has our own version of this colorful and controversial duo!  While they might not have a TV show of their own, I'm quite certain they will prove to be equally entertaining and have many a story to tell of their past and achieving freedom in the loving arms of Col. Potter.  Making their CP debut, I give you CP's At The Movies:

#5390 Ebert - M, Black Brindle, 5-6 years old

#5391 Siskel - F, Wheaten, 5-6 years old

These names were made possible by the Name a Rescue Cairn Program - donated by the Intakes Team as a thank you to Karen M. and myself for hosting an Intakes Retreat in Florida earlier this year.

So far, their review of Col. Potter has been very favorable by both of them, and Siskel and Ebert are in agreement with TWO THUMBS UP!

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turquoisemoon said...

Oh what cuties. I'm picking them up tomorrow morning at 8:15. Can't wait to see them in person. I love being a transporter...:)