Saturday, July 27, 2013

Kilo Honors a Hero at Col. Potter!

Written by a CP Intakes Coordinator

Kilo, a delightful 3 year old Wheaten Male

Dogs are very special creatures and fill so many roles in our world.  Those roles include companion, service dog, therapy dog, show dog, family member, best friend, search and rescue dog, military dog, and couch warmer.  Some of our canine companions take on the very serious role of police dog.  These special dogs face danger day in and day out with their human partners.  When not on duty they spend time with their partners and family.  It's a 24 hour relationship, just like we have with our dogs, only on a much more intense level.

In 1932 the state of Indiana formed the ISP K-9 unit.  These elite dogs worked, lived and breathed side by side with the Indiana State Police.  They were the best of the best.  On June 24th of this year, the ISP K-9 unit lost its' first canine officer in the line of duty, Kilo.  Even though he was wearing a bullet proof vest, it wasn't enough.  Kilo gave his life to save his handler and other officers present.  A memorial service attended by other canine officers around the state was held for Kilo with full honors.  Kilo was pronounced 10-42... End of work.

A young (3 years old), handsome Wheaten Cairn has joined Col. Potter and is named in honor of Kilo.  This young boy also experienced tragedy in his young life.  He was a well loved companion and life couldn't have been better.  He and his owner were inseparable - well, almost.  Sadly, Kilo's owner passed away, leaving him an orphan.  What would become of this young orphaned boy?  Thanks to a Good Samaritan, Kilo was spared the fate of a shelter and given a ride down the yellow brick road to Col. Potter.  He is already having a great time in his Foster Home and has already been dubbed a “cool dude”.  It's an honor to have this sweet Cairn as part of the Col. Potter family.

Please welcome the honorable and fun KILO!

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Is this baby still available?If so would you Please respond asap...