Monday, July 22, 2013

Marilynne Sits Pretty for Col. Potter!

Written by a CP Intakes Coordinator

Marilynne, a Beautiful 6 year old Black Brindle Female

Our newest adorable Col. Potter girl is a 6 year old Black Brindle named Marilynne.   She became an owner surrender when lifestyle changes meant rescue was the path for this girl.  Marilynne is not real shy, not real bold, and she likes women and men as well as dogs.  No firm opinion on cats yet, but she thinks they might be okay. 

Marilynne knows “Sit!” and will come when called.  How fast she comes depends on the type of treat you have to offer!  This lady wants to be paid for her efforts, and she prefers chicken and cheese, please!  A little red wine would be great, but Cairns haven't figured out how to pop the cork, so no wine for this girl!  As smart as she is, that cork better look out…

Marilynne is looking forward to her new life and enjoying it even more than before.  She's very happy to be part of the Col. Potter family and looking forward to all the good things Col. Potter has to offer.

A big welcome to the cutie called Marilynne!

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