Monday, July 15, 2013

Rescued:four years later : Foster BG is 'just a dog' now

Written by Guinness' former foster Mom


Guinness, his Mom's 'furry ankle'

Guinness, affectionately nicknamed Foster BG and Snickers while he was our foster dog lived with us for nine months. He was 4 1/2 years old when he came to us and we helped to prepare him for life outside of a commercial breeding facility. He was crate trained, house trained, discovered toys and the company of cairns and people. He was very agile and we quickly learned that he was an escape artist with the ability to jump very high. In June of 2010, he was matched and he went to live with his new 'Mom' who has shared his new life with me through updates over the years. She tells us he is still quite a jumper and can get on top of her kitchen island, some things never change.

Fast forward three years and she brought Guinness back to where we live to help cheer her on in a race at the beach.  She invited me to come and see him again and I think we all wondered what our reunion would be like.

I am happy to say that he is a well adjusted, friendly guy who lets children pet him and isn't phased by runners or strangers. He was friendly to me but I was one of his Mom's friends now.

It's ok Mom, I'll be waiting for you

If you would like to see how far he has come, you can click this link to see the stories and videos of him when he was a Col. Potter foster - officially named Bubba Gump but we called him Snickers.

This is the story of rescue. A sad or difficult beginning doesn't mean that a dog can't thrive with a second chance. Just ask Guinness.

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