Thursday, July 4, 2013

The Beauty of Oregon Waterfalls!

Contributed by CP's VP of Intakes

Ponytail, 4 years old Wheaten Female
Koosah, 4 years old Black Brindle Male

Elowah, 8 years old Wheaten Male
Ramona, 8 years old Black Brindle Female

Oregon is one of those places where the natural wonders and beauty greet you at just about every turn!  It is a true outdoorsman’s delight if you revel in scenic hikes, along wooded trails, to remote bodies of water and magnificent, cascading waterfalls.  Oregon literally has thousands of waterfalls from the run-off from the numerous mountain ranges that dot its landscape.  Who doesn’t love to visit a beautiful waterfall and watch as the water rushes to the edge, and then tumbles over in a freefall freedom to its landing below. 

Kind of like a Cairn playing…

It's not very often that we get a group of Cairns from the Pacific Northwest, so when we were contacted about helping four Cairns, we jumped at the chance.  Many thanks to Laurel K., Wendy D., and Geri and Joe P. for helping to make this possible!

It gives us great pleasure to introduce Col. Potter's Oregon Waterfalls:

#6348 Ramona:  Female, 8 years old
#6349 Elowah:  Male, 8 years old
#6350 Ponytail:  Female, 4 years old
#6351 Koosah:  Male. 4 years old

It will be hard waiting to watch as these four Waterfalls rush into CP and tumble into a freefall landing in freedom!  For certain, each one will be a magnificent, natural wonder!

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