Monday, August 19, 2013

Col. Potter is Home Away From Home!

Contributed by CP's VP of Intakes

Hyatt, a charming 5 month old Wheaten Male

As Summer starts to wind down, many of us have taken road trips and vacations to visit the lake, ocean, family reunions, national parks, sporting events, or just to feel the wind in our face.  Along the way, we've carefully chosen where to stay when away from home.  There are many different choices from rustic cabins, quaint bed and breakfasts, or major hotel chains with all their amenities.  If you think about it, Col. Potter is like a major hotel chain with all the amenities for our furkids, as we are truly their home away from the home they are so desperately waiting for.

Marriott, a bright 6 year old Wheaten Female

This weekend, Monika made yet another road trip to a familiar place, in a kind of family reunion, and provided the winds of freedom in the faces of five little Cairns!  They are currently enjoying their spa treatment at our vet, with all the amenities they have to offer them, before moving on next week to their Foster Home - aka their luxury hotel accommodations!  Most hotel chains have catchy slogans and these furkids are looking forward to enjoying each of their promises.

Clarion, a beautiful 5 year old Wheaten Female

Please help us welcome the Home Away From Home Kids:

Wyndham - Male, Dark Brindle, DOB 8/16/2011 - the Wyndham slogan is "the right way - the Wyndham way"  Certainly this boy will agree that he has found “the right way” landing in the loving arms of CP and he will enjoy the rest of his life - his way!

Marriott - Female, Black Brindle, DOB 5/4/07 - the Marriott slogan is "Your Home Away From Home" and Marriott is very happy to call CP her home until she finds her Forever home - which will not take very long!

Wyndham, a handsome 2 year old Dark Brindle Male

Hilton - Male, Cream, DOB 3/24/13 - the Hilton slogan is "Take me to the Hilton"  How many people are going to be saying "take me to Hilton" to get to this sweet boy?  Quite a few we’re guessing!

Hyatt - Male, Cream, DOB 3/24/13, Hilton's brother - the Hyatt slogan is "Feel the Hyatt Touch" and, just like his brother, people are going to be lining up to feel the loving touch of this little sweetheart!

Hilton, a sweet 5 month old Wheaten Male

Clarion - Female, Wheaten, DOB 6/6/08 - Clarion's slogan is "Clarion living" and this little beauty is now living the good life with CP!

The red carpet has been rolled out, the front door has been swung open, and their luxurious accommodations are awaiting these five precious little Cairns! 

Welcome All to CP, and thanks for staying with us for awhile - your Home Away From Home!

Col. Potter’s Hotel Chain needs to Expand! 
Please Volunteer to Foster and help us Keep the Light On for each and every Cairn in need!

Please  Consider being a CP Volunteer!

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