Thursday, August 22, 2013

Here Kitty Kitty says “Yes!” to Col. Potter!

Contributed by CP's VP of Intakes

Here Kitty Kitty, a Beautiful 9-10 year old Wheaten Female

Last week, Col. Potter was contacted by a shelter about a Cairn that had been dumped there by her family.  She had some medical issues going on, such as needing a dental desperately, a lump on her side, and urinating blood, so was "Rescue only".  We had her picture, an adorable little Wheaten Cairn girl who was reported to be very playful, sweet, housebroken, and loving.

Unfortunately, CP had no available Foster Homes and had to actively recruit one before being able to commit to rescuing this little Cairn, which we were able to offer just a little more than 24 hours later.

The following morning, we got an urgent message from the shelter that they had just read our second communication and needed to know right then if we would take her.  You see, they needed a Rescue commitment by Noon or she would be making the trip to the euthanasia room.  By the time we got the message back from the shelter it was already 12:20 PM.  Were we too late?  Was she already gone?...  We made the call and literally snatched her out of the euthanasia room!

Foster Homes are the backbone of many Rescue groups, including Col. Potter.  We can only rescue as many Cairns as we have Foster Homes able to care for them.  This little girl was very fortunate in the end, but others may not be as lucky.  Maybe we can't save them all, but let's try to never again be in a position like we were in with this little girl where we Almost couldn't help because we didn't have a foster home available. 

And now it gives us great pleasure to introduce “Here Kitty Kitty”, a donated name from  Janet Reep M who wonders if sometimes these little guys would like it if we would just stand in the yard, say "Here Kitty Kitty” and have an unsuspecting cat appear so that it could be chased away as prey?...  Janet and a fellow Rescue friend were having a tough day when she wondered this out loud and it made them both smile. 

This is one fortunate little girl to have the CP family behind her.  We're hoping for a very positive outcome from her vetting to get her healthy again, but that all costs money.  Every little bit helps, so if you would like to contribute to Here Kitty Kitty's medical expenses, please send your checks to: 

Col. Potter Cairn Rescue Network
c/o Danielle Rackstraw, Donations
P.O. Box 1354
Menifee, CA  92585-1354

Just look at this adorable, sweet little girl who now has a second chance because of her CP family.    Thank You to All the Volunteers who contributed to making this rescue happen!

Col. Potter Needs a Few More "Here Kitty Kitty" Condos! 
Please Volunteer to Foster and help us say “Yes!” to every Cairn in need!

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angelscairns said...

THANK YOU Col. Potter for snatching this adorable girl from the jaws of death.