Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Lara’s Col. Potter Song!

Written by a CP Intakes Coordinator

Lara, a 4 year old Wheaten Female

This past weekend, a 4 year old Wheaten girl found herself alone and scared at the shelter.  Deemed un-adoptable by the shelter (as a lot of our kids are), Col. Potter was called in to help. 

One of our volunteer's picked her up and whisked her off to safety!  She is now enjoying her spa time and will go to her foster home in a few days.   She is reported to be a sweet, happy girl.

Laura, “protector of the home and fields”…

Cairn's are natural protectors and, with that, it is fitting that this little girl will be known as “CP's Lara.”  The name was donated by Christine O. through our Name a Rescue Cairn Program.   “Lara” means “protector of home and fields” – a Perfect name for a Cairn!

…looking for the right Forever Home!

Please Welcome Lara, the newest member of the Col Potter family!

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