Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Wonderful New World of CP's Disney Classics!

Contributed by CP's VP of Intakes
Everyone has grown up enjoying the "Wonderful World of Disney", and now many are enjoying a second and third childhood of Disney classics with their children and grandchildren.  Disney started from very humble beginnings in short cartoons, then moved on to short cartoon films, transitioning into regular motion pictures, and now produces some of the largest blockbuster films in the industry.  The Disney Company is truly the entertainment giant and leader in the world.  

Just as Disney transitioned with the times, so has Col. Potter.  Growing from a one time memorial donation, to a full-time breed specific all volunteer rescue organization, to the largest Cairn rescue group in the world, Col. Potter is truly the Cairn rescue giant and leader in the world!

Today CP's Disney Classics are making their debut.   It is a story of hard times, heartache, and desperation. with the clock quickly ticking down to a final dissolution when Col. Potter comes driving down the Yellow Brick Road to the rescue in the nick of time!  The Disney Classics are sure to be a box office favorite as they move to their local Foster home for a limited engagement, while awaiting their encore performance in their Forever homes.

The curtain is about to rise on CP's Disney Classics:

Pinocchio, 6 years old Black Brindle Male

#6272 Pinocchio - everyone knows the story of Pinocchio the wooden puppet brought to life by a blue fairy who tells him he can become a real boy if he proves himself "brave, truthful and unselfish".  CP's Pinocchio started life off alone stuck in a basement until a kindly lady liberated him who he grew to love very much.  He is still shy towards strangers but very sweet and loving once you get to know him.  I think he has already proved himself brave, truthful and unselfish.  He was born 11/17/07 and is Black Brindle.

Lady, 5 years old Red Wheaten Female

#6274 Lady - who doesn't know the story of Lady and the Tramp - Lady lives with a refined, upper-middle class family and meets a male stray mutt named Tramp and they have a family.  Our Lady had a male in her life, but his name wasn't Tramp.  She is a bit nervous with all the changes and upheaval in her life, but is a sweet girl.  She was born 3/16/08 and is Red Brindle.

Pollyanna, 5 years old Light Wheaten Female

#6275 Pollyanna - the movie was the story of a young orphan girl who faced many adversities at an early age, but despite them, she managed to change the outlook of a small town.  CP's Pollyanna is described as a leader, strong, self-assured and a take-charge girl who loves her independence.  She was born 1/15/08 and is Cream.

Perri, 4 years old Black Brindle Female

#6276 Perri - this Disney film was about a young female squirrel who learns about forest life and the seasons which are called Time of Beauty, Time of Peace and Together Time.  Our little Perri is a young Cairn full of life who loves to run and play.  She already knows about the Time of Beauty season as she is a gorgeous Black Brindle and we are quite sure she will learn quickly about the other seasons.  Perri is 4 years old.

Poppins, 4 years old Black Brindle Female

#6277 Poppins - one of the most popular and famous of all Disney films - Mary Poppins tells the story of the magical English nanny who sings "just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down".  Poppins is the sister of Perri and I think these two girls would keep any nanny busy!  Poppins, like her sister Perri, is a gorgeous Black Brindle and 4 years old.  They were described as "bubbly"!
Many thanks to Marsha S. and Terrie B. for making the Disney Classics premiere possible!  Hurry and get your tickets and your popcorn and settle in for some of the finest viewing you will ever see.  The show is just about to begin ...

How about a round of applause for the Disney Classics!!

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