Thursday, October 10, 2013

Jancy and Jeremiah Join Col. Potter!

Contributed by CP's VP of Intakes

Jancy, a 9 year old Black Brindle Female

Jeremiah, a 7 year old Wheaten Male

Last Friday dawned a glorious, sunny day, while these two Cairns peaked out of their surroundings as the morning sun came up.  To them, it was just another day like all the others have been in their lives.  They settled back in to watch the day pass them by and wait for night to fall upon them once again.

But then something very unexpected and different happened to them!  They were taken from their cages and placed into different cages, which were then placed in something they were not familiar with.  It was some type of box on wheels, and suddenly they were moving and leaving behind the place they had lived.  There were many other furkids in this moving box with them.  They were all barking, but some were scared and frightened and others were curious and excited.

Then they stopped and two of them were once again taken out of their cages and transferred into a cage in a building.  But this cage was different…  It was temperature controlled in this building, the cage had a soft blanket in it, and the humans that touched them were all so kind and loving.  Will this last they thought, or will they be taken back?

…And so started the journey to Freedom for CP's "J" Couple.

#6129 Jancy - F, Black Brindle, 9 years old

#6130 Jeremiah - M, Wheaten, 7 years old

Our "J" Couple will now be able to enjoy the glorious sunshine from a loving Foster home where they will learn about all the things they have missed and seen through cage wire their entire lives.  Their journey has just begun, and their lives will never be the same! 

Please help us welcome Jancy and Jeremiah to Col. Potter!

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