Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Via craigslist
Cairn Toby and Doxie Frankie are missing

My dogs, one cairn terrier (Toto dog off 'Wizard of Oz') and other mini dachshund (weenie dog), were picked up today off Mauney Road in Stanley between Louise Drive and Summerrow Road. Was told they were picked up in the road by a woman in a car as they got loose from my house off Mauney Road on Helms Drive earlier today Sunday Oct. 6th. The cairn's name is Tony and the dachshund's name is Frankie and Frankie should be wearing a camoflauge collar with no tags. Please help me find my babies, they are going on 8 years old and are extremely attached to my son and I as we are to them!


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