Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Maurice is On the Mend with Col. Potter!

Written by a CP Intakes Coordinator

Maurice, a sweet 7 month old Wheaten Male

Where does rescue start... and stop?  How far is far enough in helping the little Cairns we love so much?  Where do we draw that line in the sand?  When and why do we have to say "No", we can't help you?  We all know we can't help them all... even though we want to...

Last week, this little cutie was hit by a car.  His owners picked him up from the road and promptly dropped him off at their local animal control shelter.   The shelter immediately began looking for a rescue to take him in.  Luckily, CP had a volunteer and a rescue friendly vet close by and we got approval to bring him in.

He’s now at the vet, recovering from surgery.  X-rays showed he had a fractured femoral head which required surgery to repair it.   He is still in pain, but starting to test his weight.  He will be moving to a nearby B&B so he can continue to be monitored by the vet, and will begin therapy and have his staples removed before moving to his Foster Home.

Maurice post-surgery

Little Maurice is only 7 months old – just a baby.  He was in extreme pain and needed a pain patch to provide relief before his surgery.  Despite his fear and pain, he longs for human touch and comfort.  When the vet tech went into his kennel to apply the pain patch, he crawled over to her and put his head in her lap.

Maurice’s name was chosen to honor another little cairn boy who fell into the category of those CP wasn’t able to help.  It is not easy for anyone to have to make the decisions that have to be made in rescue.  Many tears are shed, many hearts are broken.  But each of these times it just strengthens the commitment of the Intakes Team to go on.  We re-devote ourselves to these little Cairns... the ones we can help...  and most especially the ones we cannot help...


To "move on"
is to put something behind you
forget about it
... and never look back.

To "go on"
is to forever
carry it forward with you
and never forget.

Working Rescue isn't easy
we will never move on
we simply go on ...

If you’d like to help with the medical expenses for little Maurice, please send donations to:

Maurice #6295 Medical
c/o Col. Potter Cairn Rescue Network,
Ms. Danielle Rackstraw
PO Box 1354
Menifee, CA  92585-1354

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