Monday, October 21, 2013

Picaboo's Heartwarming Tail

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Picaboo! Col. Potter Sees You!

This darling little 11 lb., approximately 4 year old Cairn girl found herself in a shelter and was down to her last few days before being euthanized.  It’s hard to believe no one was interested in adopting or rescuing her based on her age and cuteness, but she is heartworm positive, so no one wanted her.   Col. Potter to the rescue!

Picaboo is a little Cairn mix who is a real heart-breaker!  Everyone who has met her has fallen in love.  She has a very sweet, but impish way about her, loving people and all of the good things that they offer, like attention, sweet words, new toys, and mostly TREATS!  She so badly wants to go out and run with her Foster brothers and sisters, but until her treatments are complete (in about 3 months) this is not possible.  For now, she whines at them and they keep her company by lying next to her crate.

She is a very lucky little girl!  At first we were very concerned because her health seemed quite poor, but between good nutrition and medications, she has gained weight and developed a sparkle in her eyes.  Picaboo spent her first week refusing food and medications.  Now she inhales her "gourmet" meals and can't wait for her medicine (wrapped up in cheese!). 

Picaboo is settled nicely in her Foster Home and will begin her heartworm treatment soon, having spent a month building her physical condition.  When she is determined to be heartworm free, she will make a wonderful addition to some very lucky home!

An average of six to eight times each year, Col. Potter rescues a heartworm positive Cairn, giving them the chance to overcome this dreadful condition and live a happy, healthy life.  The prescribed treatment program runs an average cost of $1,000, and is not for the faint of heart, requiring a dedicated Volunteer to be there for a three or four month duration, managing every aspect of every day for the dog undergoing treatment.

PupsEtc is pleased to offer Col. Potter a special Heartwarming Tails fundraiser to help offset the cost of our current stable of four Foster Cairns undergoing this expensive heartworm treatment.  Beginning Saturday, October 19th through Friday, November 1st, a full 20% of all proceeds taken in by PupsEtc during this two week period will be donated to Col. Potter.
NEW!  The Picaboo Square Bolster bed with Removable Center Pillow in honor of CP Picaboo, currently undergoing treatment for heartworm.
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Heartwarming Tails
Saturday 10/19/13 - Friday 11/1/13
20% of all proceeds during this time will be donated to
Col. Potter’s Cairn Rescue Network!

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