Thursday, October 24, 2013

Treating a Cairn who is Heartworm Positive

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There are 5 stages in a heartworm diagnosis.  Harv was Stage 1 (mild) so he was on a 2 month protocol of antibiotics, steroids, and heartworm medications, plus supplements, as well as 2 Immiticide injections - 1 one day and the 2nd 24 hrs. later.  This requires 2 months of inactivity - only outside to potty and then either in a crate or on the Foster Mom or Dad’s laps.

No running, jumping, playing....

The initial medications start killing the microfilaria (small eggs/worms) and the injections kill the large worms (11 - 14" long).  The inactivity is essential as the bloodstream must absorb all of the dead worms and anything that makes the heart beat faster can cause a dead worm clot to be thrown (like a blood clot) and can be deadly for the dog.
An average of six to eight times each year, Col. Potter rescues a heartworm positive Cairn, giving them the chance to overcome this dreadful condition and live a happy, healthy life.  The prescribed treatment program runs an average cost of $1,000, and is not for the faint of heart, requiring a dedicated Volunteer to be there for a three or four month duration, managing every aspect of every day for the dog undergoing treatment.

PupsEtc is pleased to offer Col. Potter a special Heartwarming Tails fundraiser to help offset the cost of our current stable of four Foster Cairns undergoing this expensive heartworm treatment.  Beginning Saturday, October 19th through Friday, November 1st, a full 20% of all proceeds taken in by PupsEtc during this two week period will be donated to Col. Potter.
NEW!  The Picaboo Square Bolster bed with Removable Center Pillow in honor of CP Picaboo, currently undergoing treatment for heartworm.
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Watch Col. Potter’s Heartwarming Tails with

Heartwarming Tails
Saturday 10/19/13 - Friday 11/1/13
20% of all proceeds during this time will be donated to
Col. Potter’s Cairn Rescue Network!

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Marga said...

God bless Col. Potter for taking in heartworm positive Cairns AND the foster homes who care for them through the treatment. There is a special place in heaven for you.