Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Two Lost Dark Cairns in Rice Lake, WI

from Craigslist posting

Dh let our dogs out just b4 bed last night and decided not to put them on their chains. You guessed it, they took off ( unfortunatly this isnt the first time it has happened, not sure why he made that decision..i was gone). I have been up all night yelling for them every hour. They are two dark cairns (toto type dogs) one boy(purebred) one girl(cairn, scottie cross) both fixed. One with purple coller, one with blue, (one is microchipped). They have tags with rabies info and Bear Creek animal hospital. We are just north of Bargin bills in rice lake.

They are kind of shy, the girl in particular, so if you see them please contact me and don't chase them. 715 205 zero 9five3


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