Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Berman Learns Some Beta at Col. Potter!

Contributed by CP's VP of Intakes
Berman, a rambunctious 3 year old Wheaten Male

His previous life is a mystery... where he came from, how he got there, what his life was like... but he found himself in a shelter that really tried to find him a new home.  Being a true Cairn, however, when a prospective adoptive home would spend time with him at the shelter, he would "play nice" initially, but then, when he discovered they weren't really in charge or alpha, he would assert himself, and the prospective home would leave without taking him along.  He spent a very long time at this shelter - which prides itself on being very low kill - but eventually, even his time was running short, so they asked if Col. Potter would take this boy, knowing that we understand the Cairn personality and temperament, and we would provide the Alpha in his life. 

Please help us welcome Berman, a 3 year old Cairn boy, who is already learning some manners at his Foster Home.

Col. Potter Needs a Few More Alpha Leaders for Cairns like Berman! 
Please Volunteer to Foster and help us provide a safe Alpha for every Cairn in need!

Please  Consider being a CP Volunteer!

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