Monday, January 20, 2014

Allie and Dandi Sweeten Up Col. Potter!

Written by a CP Intakes Coordinator

Allie, a sweet 5 year old Red Wheaten Female

Dandi, an adorable 4 month old Light Wheaten Female

It is with great pleasure that we introduce Allie and Dandi!  If only these Cairns could talk, what a tale they might tell.  For unknown reasons, they ended up abandoned.  The person caring for them decided to seek help to find them a home.  Many options were considered for these two but at the last minute rescue won out - and we at Col. Potter are very glad!!

Allie is the older girl at 5 years old.  She has a gorgeous Red Wheaten coat and beautiful brown eyes.  She is sweet but very unsure of what's going on with all the changes.  She is a nice size girl at 14 pounds and can win most beauty contests paws down!

Dandi is a baby at 16 weeks - yes, 16 weeks - four months!  She is a Creme Cairn and a healthy 5+ pounds.  She is sweet as can be and finds everything around her fascinating.  She is an adorable furball that has charmed the vet staff caring for her.  Dandi is enjoying her new found comfort very much!

Both Allie and Dandi are enjoying their spa week and will be headed to their respective Foster homes soon.  The volunteer who picked up these girls said they have beautiful lush coats and are two of the cutest Cairns she has ever seen. 

Please welcome these two pretty girls to Col. Potter.  Life will be good, just wait and see!

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Anonymous said...

When will these cairns be available for adoption? They never appeared on the adoption site. Thank you!