Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Donny Does a Happy Dance at Col. Potter!

Written by a CP Intakes Coordinator

Donny, a sweet little 2-3 year old Brindle Male

Here’s Donny!   This little 2-3 year old, 14 lb. boy found himself in a very remote, over-crowded shelter and in danger of losing his life.  He didn’t even have a name.   The shelter referred to him as “the little brindle boy”.   He shared a kennel with another little dog.  Unfortunately the other dog attacked Donny one day, most likely due to food aggression.  Fortunately Donny wasn’t seriously injured.  Also, Donny was losing weight since the other dog was eating both of their daily rations.   Such is the life of many shelter dogs. 

We had no one from Col. Potter anywhere close by to help, but luckily for little Donny, a shelter volunteer (aka Rescue Angel) jumped through all kinds of hoops to save his life, get him vetted, pay his shelter fee, and drive him a good distance to meet one of our wonderful CP volunteers.   The shelter volunteer is named Dawn, so we named him “Donny” in her honor.  Dawn works 3 jobs, but still found time to help get him to safety!  Despite all of the adverse conditions at the shelter, Dawn reports that he’s happy and friendly to both people and other dogs.

Welcome to CP Donny!

Col. Potter Needs a Few More Dance Floors! 
Please Volunteer to Foster and help us give every Cairn in need the opportunity to do their own Happy Dance!

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