Saturday, January 18, 2014

Nessa Finds a Helping Hand at Col. Potter!

Written by a CP Intakes Coordinator

Nessa, a sweet 5.5 year old Wheaten Female

Once upon a time, a cute little puppy went home with some humans, and she thought it was her Forever home.  She doesn't know why, but the humans found her a new home.  She had been a good girl and loved for them for a long time, but life goes on...  So she started over with some new humans who welcomed this little Terrier into their home.  One day Nessa went exploring, and soon she was LOST!

Luck was on her side:  She ended up in the yard of an experienced, long time animal advocate who knew just what to do with wayward furkids.  This kind lady FOUND her owners and Nessa was reunited.  This should have been a happy ending, but it did not end there.  After a few weeks, Nessa's humans called the kind lady saying they didn't want her and could she help.  Of course she could, and Nessa returned to the kind lady's house, suffering from allergic dermatitis and her lovely strawberry blonde fur was matted.  The groomer had no choice but to shave her down.  The kind lady started her on a grain free diet, took her to the vet, and got her on the road to recovery.  Nessa was living the high life with other dogs and cats to play with, good food and a warm home.  She even found a special kitty friend that slept with her every night!

The kind lady knew Nessa deserved a wonderful home of her own, so she contacted Col. Potter.  Could we help this sweet girl?  Of course!  Now Nessa has been RESCUED!  This 5 1/2 year old girl is housebroken, likes tennis balls, comes consistently when called, sits daintily on command, and will dance at high speed for dinner.  She likes other dogs and cats, but really loves people.  She wants nothing more than to be where the humans are and be a part of it all. 

Please welcome CP's newest sweetheart, Nessa!

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