Monday, January 20, 2014

Romo Rides to Safety with Col. Potter!

Written by CP Vice President of Intakes

Romo, a sweet 5 year old Gray Brindle Male

Tragedy can strike in an instant.  You can be young ... or you can be older ... tragedy doesn't care about age.  Gender doesn't matter either.  About the only thing that can lessen the affect of tragedy is being as well prepared as you possibly can.  Or as we like to say, having  your i's dotted and your t's crossed.  This story brings that home in vivid, living color!

This little boy had just celebrated his 5th birthday with his loving, adoring Mom and they were preparing to celebrate Christmas when the unthinkable happened - tragedy struck his home.  His Mom passed away right at home, unexpectedly, with him right by her side until someone checked on them and found them.  His Mom had made provisions to insure his safety, but unfortunately they just didn't work as quickly as I'm sure she would like.  He was boarded at his regular vet for a month before Rescue was contacted to help him.  You see, others were named as his guardian and as willing to give him a home should something happen to his Mom, but when the time came, they declined, and so he remained at the vet.  This serves as an excellent reminder that if you have guardians named in your will, be sure that they are still willing and able to take your furkids should the unexpected happen, should tragedy strike.

Now this little boy found a new family to guard and protect him - the Col. Potter family!  Please say hello to Romo, a Gray Brindle boy weighing about 13 pounds.  After waiting so long, he is on his way to his Foster home where he can once again know the comfort and security of living in a home again.  Don't worry Romo: CP has dotted all the i's and crossed all the t's to insure a happy forever for you!

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