Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The Queen gets a New Crown at Col. Potter!

Contributed by CP's VP of Intakes

TQ, a 3-4 year old Wheaten Female

Most of us that are fortunate enough to be owned by a female Cairn know that they are indeed royalty, or at least they think so and demand as much!  Their crowns and tiaras are worn high and sparkle brightly for all to see and they command the title of Princess or Queen.  They expect their loyal subjects, or otherwise known as their caretakers, to tend to their every need and comfort.  Our homes are their castles.

Not every little Cairn girl is born into such royalty, some start out like Cinderella before her prince finds her, but they seem to make the transition and learn quickly!  Just such a little Cairn girl found her pumpkin coach awaiting her this past weekend which whisked her away to a preparatory castle where she will undergo a transformation and get fitted for her glass slippers turning her not into a princess, but a QUEEN!

Please help me welcome the adorable TQ - The Queen - a name donated through our Name a Rescue Cairn Program thanks to a donation from Mary Ann B. in memory of our own Mary Ellen L's Annie, who truly was The Queen.  TQ is estimated at 3-4 years old and is reported to already delight in giving her adoring public sweet, little kisses.  TQ will be traveling to her foster home this weekend where we believe she has been heaven sent, guided as a result of a tragic recent loss.

Welcome Your Royal Highness!

Col. Potter Needs a Few More Castles! 
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