Thursday, February 20, 2014

Dooley & Tadd Travel Different Roads to Find Safety at Col. Potter!

Written by a CP Intakes Coordinator

Tadd, a sweet little 8 year old Wheaten Male
Dooley, a handsome 5.9 year old Wheaten Male

The sun was shining this past weekend, maybe not everywhere, but certainly where it was needed.  Two handsome little Wheaten Cairn boys, from two different families, in two different locations, found themselves needing a safe haven at the very same time, and, for each of them, the sun was brilliant, offering the promise of a bright new day.  Thanks to the many wonderful Col. Potter Volunteers, located almost everywhere, both little boys made their journey to safety, love, and restoration, simultaneously, yet oblivious to one another’s plight.

The truly handsome and sweet-as-can-be Tadd joined the CP family when his previous family had work and family issues that left him in the dark.  A charming Wheaten boy, Tadd is 8 years old and weighs a healthy 17 lbs., and is soaking up the sunshine as he prepares for a new life!

Elsewhere in a far away state, Dooley, a real good-looking Wheaten boy, weighing in at a trim 18 pounds, and sporting that “yeah, I work out” look, teamed up with Col. Potter to put some order back in his life.  Dooley had a really good home, and things were going very well for a long time, but recently his human family started having some problems, and Dooley got kind of nervous when things began to change too much for him.  First he lost his Daddy, then everybody moved to a different house.

Dooley checked the Col. Potter website to see if there was room for him!

In time, he realized that, by his standards, his new living quarters had become too cramped for him and his fur siblings.  Dooley thought it might be time to go out and be his own dog - well, as long as somebody would provide a bed and some good dog food that is!  So, he checked out the Internet and surfed over to Col. Potter Cairn Rescue.  With the help of some wonderful CP volunteers, Dooley was able to see his way to a second chance at a good life.  He kissed his sad and loving Mama good-bye, and he headed to the southwest - to the warm country - and into the welcoming arms of his Col. Potter Foster Mom.  We know that he will revive now and thrive until he’s ready to go to his forever Forever home.

At only 5 11/12 years old, Dooley is a strapping young guy with lots of energy for tennis-ball-fetching and rock-climbing!  And yes: Dooley’s birthday is coming up on March 19!  Dooley noted!  Happy Birthday, little man!

Let’s all give a big Col. Potter Welcome to Tadd and Dooley!

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