Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Korbinian Settles on his Perch at Col. Potter!

Written by CP Vice President of Intakes

Korbinian, a handsome 6 year old Red Wheaten Male

Korbinian is a popular name in Europe, especially Germany, and this handsome boy was named by his Foster Mom whose great nephew is named Korbinian.  The meaning of Korbinian is Raven - a bird who is known to follow wagons, sleds, hunting parties, or anything else where they think they can find a quick meal.  They are among the smartest birds, gaining a reputation for solving ever more complicated problems.  Ravens are confident, inquisitive birds that strut around or occasionally bound forward with light, two-footed hops.  In flight they are buoyant and graceful, interspersing soaring, gliding, and slow flaps.  They do well around people.  If you didn't know that I was describing a bird, you might think I was describing a Cairn!

CP's Korbinian had a Mom who loved him very much, but due to her health issues, she could no longer care for him and decided he needed to find a new Forever home.  He's a big boy weighing in at 20 pounds, and is a youthful 6 years old with lots of play in him, but he also loves to cuddle.  Korbinian is a little strong willed, but what Cairn isn't?

Please help us welcome Korbinian to CP where, much like the Raven, he will be able to flap his wings and soar into a new Forever home!

Col. Potter Needs a Few More Perches! 
Please Volunteer to Foster and help us give every Cairn in need a safe place from which to take flight!

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