Saturday, March 1, 2014

Bradford Braves the Future with Col. Potter!

Written by a CP Intakes Coordinator
Bradford, a sweet 2-3 year old Red Wheaten Male

Let’s give a Big Welcome to our new boy, Bradford!  This handsome young dude comes to us from a small shelter in Smalltown USA - but not so small that they didn’t know a Cairn Terrier when they saw one.  When Col. Potter called the shelter to inquire about Bradford, they knew just exactly who we were talking about.  You see, Bradford, a good-looking 2-3 year-old Red Wheaten boy who had been turned in as an owner surrender, had very quickly become a favorite among the staff there.
With Bradford now on our radar, Col. Potter dispatched our Transport Team to go fetch this boy and bring him home to the CP clan.  Once here, Bradford spent a few days at the vet hospital just to get checked out.  Thankfully, a very savvy veterinarian picked up on an unusual condition that Bradford was suffering with. It seems the little guy has a “diaphragmatic hernia” — a condition that compromises his respiration along with causing some other problems.  So, it was decided that Bradford would be checked out by the best of the best, to see what can be done for him.  Because that’s what CP does, we take care of them — it’s our job and we like it!

Sweet little Bradford has a diaphragmatic hernia and is facing major surgery

Bradford moved to his Foster Home and his loving Foster Mom, Janeen, took him to the specialist, and he will be having major surgery next week.  The diaphragmatic hernia – with his stomach and intestines herniated into his chest cavity – is putting pressure on the left lung and deflating it.  This could be congenital, or it could be from an injury – such as being kicked.  Because we have no history on this boy, we have no clue as to which, and the x-rays are not definitive enough to tell us which.  If congenital, fixing this is much more complicated than if caused by an injury, but it is hard to look at his sweet little face and hope he might have been kicked.  We will not know until the surgeon can go in and attempt to move his organs back down into the abdominal cavity where they belong.   Either way, there is no guarantee that his lung will re-inflate, but over the years, the surgeons have determined it is better to let the lung do what it is going to do rather than try to re-inflate it manually.  We just need to pray for a good result…

Bradford's lung is deflated and his heart has dropped out of place.

If you can help, Bradford would be so appreciative of it.  This is going to be a very complicated procedure, and lots of prayers are also needed.  Bradford is a happy, wonderful little guy who deserves this chance at having a full and happy life. 

So, for the time being, Bradford is spruced up, playing happily with  his Foster sister in his wonderful CP Foster Home, and being overly-indulged (is there even such a thing?) with belly rubs from Foster Mom! 

This is not elective surgery: It is life saving...

Thank you for anything you can do to help!

Bradford's full medical expenses are unknown at this time, but they will continue to mount depending on the surgical findings, then through follow-up visits and normal vetting.  If you would like to help with his medical expenses, please send your check with a note for Bradford #6490 and mail it to:

Bradford Medical
c/o Col. Potter Cairn Rescue Network (CPCRN)
Ms. Danielle Rackstraw
PO Box 1354
Menifee, CA  92585-1354

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