Saturday, March 29, 2014

Valencia Finds a Brave New Life at Col. Potter!

Written by CP Vice President of Intakes

Valencia, an approximately 1 year old Red Brindle or “Grease Rag” Female

How many times have you wished your dog could talk?  Wouldn't you like to know for sure what's going through their mind - especially if you've ever had one that has gone on an “unescorted adventure” aka they've been lost?  Yes, there are certainly times we wish they could talk to us!

Working Intakes for Col. Potter, we probably wish for a "talking" Cairn a little more often than others might.  It's always a guessing game, and certainly makes you wish they could talk when we bring in a Cairn for whom we have no background at all.  Where did they come from?  Did they have a family that loved them?  How did they get separated?  Why didn't someone come looking for them?  How did they survive on their own?  If only they could talk and tell us about themselves, where they came from, and what happened to them…

Such is the case with CP's newest little girl.  She was found as a stray by a wonderful family who got her off the streets, advertised for her family, contacted all the proper authorities, had her scanned for a microchip, and kept her safe in the meantime.  But, alas, no family was found, no one came looking for her, and this family could no longer keep her due to personal health issues.  Rather than take her to the local shelter, they made the very wise decision to seek assistance from their vet, who just happens to be one of CPs Intakes vets.  The very kind vet took her in, not knowing if CP would help, but didn't want to see this sweet, petite girl end up in the shelter.  Of course when they reached out to CP, the answer was YES we can help her!

Please help us welcome Valencia, a little girl who is estimated to be less than 1 year old and is described as a “real sweetheart”.  The name “Valencia” means “strength”, “health”, and “brave”.  Valencia has shown her inner strength and how brave she is to have survived on her own, and we all wish her a lifetime of good health - and plenty of love!
Needless to say, the vet staff has already fallen in love with this petite beauty and is spoiling her rotten.  One of the vet staff has already purchased a pink blanket and bed that Valencia will be taking with her to her Foster Home!

Let's all say Hello to Valencia!!

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