Monday, May 5, 2014

Bradley and Leon Surf the Net to Col. Potter!

Written by a CP Intakes Coordinator

Bradley, an approximately 2-3 year old Wheaten Male
Leon, an approximately 3-4 year old Wheaten Male

What a difference the Internet and social networks have made for the world of animal rescue.  Col. Potter's Rescue Team searches for Cairn Terriers daily and on many different web sites.  Because someone who had been perusing the web took the time to share information about a few dogs in need, CP learned about two handsome Wheaten boys that needed rescue quickly.  Bradley and Leon had been surrendered to a rural shelter and both tested positive for heart worm.  A Cairn at a shelter with such a diagnosis is usually put to sleep because the cost of treatment and personnel to manage the critical care of the dog is not something they have the ability to offer.

An average of six to eight times each year, Col. Potter rescues just such a little Cairn, giving them the chance to overcome this dreadful condition and live a happy, healthy life.  The prescribed treatment program runs an average cost of $1,000 and is not for the faint of heart, requiring a dedicated Volunteer to be there for a three or four month duration, managing every aspect of every day for the dog undergoing treatment.

Happily for Bradley and Leon, the remote location and diagnosis did not deter our CP Volunteers from saving these two boys!  Bradley is a 2-3 year old boy who weighs in at a healthy 23 pounds and is raring to go.  Leon is 3-4 years old and will be joining CP's boot camp to lose a few of his 25 pounds.  Both boys are happy and friendly.  They have traveled to their Foster Home this weekend and are settling in.  Thank You!! to all the Volunteers helping with their transport and to Foster Mom Chris C. who will help the boys through their heart worm treatment.  

Bradley and Leon all cleaned up and ready to go!

Many rescues will not consider dogs that have tested positive for heart worm as they don't have the financial resources or Foster homes able to manage the lengthy treatment.  Bradley and Leon's chance at life will have a hefty price tag.  If you would like to donate to help defer some of the costs of giving these boys a second chance at life, please mail your contributions, noting Bradley and Leon, to:  

Col. Potter Cairn Rescue Network
Bradley & Leon Medical
c/o Danielle Rackstraw, Donations
PO Box 1354
Menifee, CA 92585-1354

Want to make a donation but prefer to use a credit card?
Donate through our Titus Trail Relay for Charity fundraiser, where CPCRN is proudly represented by Jim Demos, and funds raised between now and the end of June will go toward these medical expenses!

Treating a Cairn who is Heartworm Positive

There are 5 stages in a heartworm diagnosis.  Bradley and Leon are Stage 1 (mild) so they will be on a 2 month protocol of antibiotics, steroids, and heartworm medications, plus supplements, as well as 2 Immiticide injections - 1 one day and the 2nd 24 hrs. later.  This requires 2 months of inactivity - only outside to potty and then either in a crate or on Foster Mom or Dad’s lap.

No running, jumping, playing....

The initial medications start killing the microfilaria (small eggs/worms) and the injections kill the large worms (11 - 14" long).  The inactivity is essential as the bloodstream must absorb all of the dead worms and anything that makes the heart beat faster can cause a dead worm clot to be thrown (like a blood clot) and can be deadly for the dog.

Following the injections, the Cairns will be tested again, and as soon as they are declared heartworm free, they will know the joy of being able to romp in the yard again without being restrained by a short leash!  They can expect to enjoy happy, healthy lives in their loving Forever homes, playing to their hearts’ content!  A perfect ending for two very special little boys!  

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