Monday, June 2, 2014

Eddie Albert finds Green Acres at Col. Potter!

Written by CP Vice President of Intakes

Eddie Albert, an approximately 2 year old Black Brindle Male
When many of us hear the name Eddie Albert, we think of “GREEN ACRES the place to be...”  Who could forget the wealthy city slickers who moved to the ramshackle farm home in the country, and all the humorous situations they found themselves in.

When Col. Potter once again called on Kathy and Barney H. to help us get Eddie Albert, Kathy said:  "Did you know I kissed Eddie Albert???!

Yep, back in the height of Green Acres popularity, he came to the Muny (big outdoor theatre in Forest Park in STL) and played the leading role in The Music Man.   Kathy was in second grade, and Mom, little sister, aunt, cousin, and her second grade teacher went with her to see the performance.  They went to the Muny regularly and knew which gate to go to after the show to get an autograph, so they went back there and Eddie Albert signed Kathy’s program, then leaned down to hand it back to her - and she kissed him on the cheek.  Her teacher screamed "OH, SHE KISSED HIM!" and everyone laughed.  Kathy recalls, “I think he might have been my first crush, LOL"

Well, by now Kathy has probably kissed Eddie Albert again, but this time it’s CP's Eddie Albert, who has a little more fur on his cheek!

“Eddie Albert” is a donated name from Jean B. through our Name a Rescue Cairn Program, for her husband of 67 years, Edward.  Sounds like possibly another first crush that has lasted a lifetime!

Eddie Albert was dumped on a country road

CP's Eddie Albert is another handsome Black Brindle boy of about two years old.  He was dumped out in the country by a farm where the farmer just happens to do some local rescue.  They contacted Col. Potter knowing that CP is the place to be to make all  his dreams of truly Green Acres come true!

Please give a big round of applause to CP's Eddie Albert, who I know will be a big hit with the ladies as he takes CP's center stage!

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