Friday, October 3, 2014

A Note to a Foster

Another Foster is moving on to his Forever Home!

Dear Pup,

It seems only yesterday you showed up on my door.  Your small eyes peering from the darkened transit crate.  Our first meeting was tense, I admit.  You had no clue who I was, and I wasn't sure what you carried in the steamer trunk you were dragging.

A few days to cool down later, and you were ready to meet the house.  You sulked, you howled, you dragged your food dish along your crate like we sat in Attica.  A few days later, and our morning drag became a walk.  You still looked at me like a boogie man, but slow, low words and reassuring slow actions were wearing you down.

It was 2 weeks from you arrival and you tried to fit in.  New home, new dog, new people all settling you into the pack.  You learned new tricks, you made friends, you were a perfect example of a good pup.

Then the email came.  We would need to pack your bags as a Forever Home was waiting for you.  I've been thru this before so I knew the drill.  You were new at it and could not understand as the big crate came out to live in the living room again.

I'm so happy you have a new home, but I'm so sad as well.  You can't understand that this is just another move, hopefully the last.  I can't tell you that even if we are miles apart, you will always be in my thoughts.  Human words can't convey what I want you to know.  I'm proud of the progress we made to get you ready, I'm glad you have a place to call home again.  I'm just sad that I can't see you continue to be the great dog you always had in you...

Travel on, little pup, and forgive me for moving you along to your new home.  You were "my" dog for a while, but in my heart you will always be the proud, strong pup I watched you become in the brief time you lived in the turnstile we call a Foster Home.

I'll tell the next one you moved on to make room for them.  You’re part of an extended family now, one that can cuddle a thousand tears, and chase away evil squirrels 24 hours a day in dozens of places across the country.

Your Foster Dad

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