Monday, October 6, 2014

CP Stowe Lost! Hickory, NC

CP Stowe Lost!  Hickory, NC

Male Cairn Terrier, Wheaten, named Stowe, recently groomed and wearing a Red collar, but no tags or lead.

Stowe loved visiting a friend’s home and being on the lovely wooden porch.  Stowe is easily recognizable (even from a distance) because of his habit of keeping his head down.  When he looks up to whomever is speaking, he is usually head down with eyes up.  Stowe is a Rescued Cairn and still very timid.

Stowe is still a timid Cairn

He was last seen in Hickory, NC, on 9/4/14 near "Jack In The Box" which is several blocks away from home on the same street that runs parallel to Hwy 321 and 2nd Avenue NW.  

Any and all help is greatly appreciated.

Reward Offered!!!
TOLL FREE Col. Potter Lost Dog Phone Line
(866) 506-7461

More details about Stowe from the CP Post Adoption Blog:

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