Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Skip-ping Tuesdays!

Contributed by CP Skip in CA

CP Skip is Available for Adoption in CA!

Thank God it’s finally Tuesday!!!  My Foster Friend, Tabasco has been so nice, reminding you all about me while he was busy trying to find a Forever Home (and I hear he found a Great one!), I didn’t want to upset his work by changing things too much…  “Tuesdays with Tabasco” didn’t make sense, though, since his new Mom isn’t letting him use her computer yet, and since I’m officially taking over the space, so I gave this matter a lot of thought…

My name is Skip, by the way!  “Tuesdays with Skip” ...not so much... "Sundays with Skip" would be good...  But Tuesday is the day I get to “ping” you with bits of information…   Hmmmmm…  “Skip-ping Tuesdays!”  Hmmmmm…  Works for me!

OK, before I forget – Here’s the Link so you can Apply to Adopt me:

Now, let me tell you a little bit about myself...

A little while back, a very nice lady literally rescued me right off the road - nearly under the wheels of a car!  I was kind of a mess, but Col. Potter welcomed me and packed off to the spa center at the vet’s so I could get treated for fleas, and eye and ear infections.  What a difference that made!  At first they thought I would need eye surgery, but all the great care I got from the vet and Foster Mom helped me recover enough on my own!  Yea!

Anyway, after they got me all fixed up and my hair growing back in, Foster Mom realized I might have something besides Cairn in my DNA – and she was right!

I am not a Cairn at all!  I actually have some rather exotic blood: I’m one-half Australian Koolie, so I am pretty special since very, very few of my ancestors have ever made it to America.  Koolies are very strong, smart, determined herding dogs from Australia’s Outback and one tough cowboy!  Koolies are descended from British Collies, so I guess a Koolie is kinda like a Collie with an Australian accent!  I'm not as big as a Collie, though, because I also have some Chihuahua and some Pekinese blood mixed with something else (I forget what). From all those blood lines, I get my fierce loyalty, intelligence, and a desire for companionship.

Foster Mom loves Cairns, but she says I am just the sweetest, snuggly-est, smartest little guy, and I think you will think so too!  Please, can you put in your application to adopt me?  I would love to be fiercely loyal to you, and follow you around, and snuggle up to you, and make you smile!

Do You Have a Favorite Toy?

I do!  I really love my toys and I take very good care of them!  I look kind of Kool doing it too!  Take a look and let me know what you think…

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