Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Skip-ping Tuesdays!

Contributed by CP Skip in CA

CP Skip is Available for Adoption in CA!

Hey there!  Are you ready to Skip Tuesday?!! Hehehehehe!  My Foster Mom thought I should Skip that joke, but I really just had to do it!

See, that’s me: Always following Foster Mom around and really paying attention to everything she says – even though once and a while I don’t do what she wants. Nothing bad, but like when she wants me to go out in the yard and play, I always do that if she comes along, but if she wants to stay inside, that what I want to do too…  So I follow her lead, but I also know what I want – and I want to be with Foster Mom!  …or You!!!

Oh!  Almost forgot: Here’s the Link so you can Apply to Adopt me!

I told you about my rather exotic one-half Australian Koolie blood, but I also have Chihuahua and Pekinese blood too!  Did you know that both Chihuahuas and Pekinese are very old breeds?  My Chihuahuan ancestors lived with the Mayans and Toltecs in Mexico, and my Pekinese ancestors lived in palaces in Imperial China.  You had to be royalty to own one!   Pretty special!  Don’t worry!  I won’t let any of this go to my head!  I’m not a snob, in spite of all this exotic DNA, and I will be your devoted companion no matter what your DNA is!

Do You Have a Lots of Toys?

I do – but I can always use more!  I am very neat with my toys, and I really take very good care of them too!  Take a look and let me know what you think…

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Bee said...

OMG! Skip looks sooooo great! I would love to snuggle that little guy again! I may just have to take a road trip!