Thursday, October 23, 2014

Understanding Seizures in our Cairns

Darleigh is a wonderful, sweet 4 year old Cairn, looking for a Forever Home that understands and is willing to maintain appropriate preventative measures for seizure disorders.

Seizures in dogs can happen for a host of reasons and with a wide range of  symptoms and presentations, so it’s no wonder that many owners and veterinary practitioners make mistakes when confronted with any form of seizure disorder.  The more we educate ourselves about seizure disorders, the easier it is for us to avoid triggers and stay calm when needed, managing things appropriately, seeking the best result for our dogs.

Recently, Col. Potter rescued a lovely female Cairn from a breeding facility and sent her off to her new Foster Home, several states away.  However well managed, travel for any Rescued Cairn can be very stressful, especially for one who is suddenly experiencing yet another rapid and confusing change in her circumstance.  When Foster Mom got this little girl home, she suffered two small seizures, very likely triggered by the stress.  She may never have this happen again, but appropriate precautions are being taken to keep this beautiful Cairn girl stress-free and stable.

Another Col. Potter Cairn went to his new Adoptive Home and was in the process of settling in, but one morning, after a hot, stressful walk, followed by an encounter with the vacuum cleaner, this little Cairn passed out for several minutes, his little body stiffening up, and he was shaken and clingy for several days after that.

In both cases, there was no apparent medical reason for a seizure to have occurred, so Foster Mom and New Mom are left watching for warning signs and praying they don’t see any.

Sweet Darleigh

A year ago, in September, 2013, Col. Potter took in a sweet and charming three year old named Darleigh who was, sadly, very drugged, taking a staggering cocktail of three major drugs to manage his Epilepsy.  With careful analysis and management, Foster Mom and Dad have gotten him down to two simple drugs and have stabilized him as far as eating an appropriate Rosemary-free kibble with two feedings per day.  His cluster seizures - having three or four daily for two days around the Full Moon – are now well controlled by these changes and he's been almost SEIZURE FREE since December 19th, only having had one single seizure on March 4th.  This is wonderful news, especially considering the horrible weather this Spring, the major storms, and all the barometric pressure changes that can also trigger seizures.  He even made it thru a Full Moon on Friday the 13th!

This is especially heartwarming because Darleigh can now easily enjoy romps in the yard, fetching balls or sticks, and just enjoying life.  He is very sweet and loves to cuddle and get attention, or find a quiet place to take a nap. 

Had his original vet been more knowledgeable and pro-active in managing his seizure care, Darleigh's health and quality of life could have been more stable and richer all along.  He is a very lucky little boy to have found his dedicated and well informed Foster Mom and Dad through Col. Potter – and he will make a welcome and loyal addition to the perfect family, looking to find a loving Forever family member!

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