Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Skip-ping Tuesdays!

Contributed by CP Skip in CA

CP Skip is No Longer Available for Adoption in CA!!!

Do I look Content?  Well I am!! 

I'll be going Home soon!!!

That's right!  I looked and looked so long, and then suddenly they were right there!  Very soon, I will be getting on a big plane and flying off to my Own New Home!  I love my Foster Mom so much, but I am really excited to get my very own family - kids and everything!

OK!  Let's help my friend Fritter now!   He's waiting over in South Carolina... 

Here’s the Link so you can Apply to Adopt him!

Wouldn't you just love to look here next week and see that Fritter has his own home too?  It could happen - especially if you can help!

Are you Thankful?

I am!  I'm so thankful for my Foster Mom and all my toys.  I'm thankful to know Love and kindness, and I'm thankful for a new beginning!  Take a look and let me know what you think…

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