Saturday, January 31, 2015

Got a Light?

Illumination by Adventure Light*

Whether you walk your dogs in the neighborhood or let them out in a securely fenced yard, using a night light for your Cairn is a great idea!  When you’re walking down the street, a light makes you and your dog more visible, and being visible to drivers – as well as other people walking their dogs - is always the safest mode of exercise.

In the yard, there are usually dark corners where your dog may not otherwise be visible, and those dark corners are often where the critters of prey are lurking!  God forbid, should the worst possible situation happen – the fence has an unknown weakness that your clever Cairn finds and exploits in pursuit of a creature – you will have a much better chance of quickly finding your dog out there in the dark.

Caruso models a dangling steady green light

A quick look online and you will find there are many products and styles to choose from, and the cost is quite reasonable.  Some lights blink, some are steady, and some give you both options.  These photos show the Adventure Light* which some of our CP Volunteers are very happy with.  This product gives you a choice of illumination mode and can dangle or be fixed to the side or top of the harness by a strap, which is included.  Your options are only limited by the style of harness you use.

CP Ruffles nka Emmie models a fixed white light strapped to her harness

Whatever you do with your dogs, always think “Safety First!” and you will be well ahead of the game!

Read how Divinity wore a blinking red light when venturing out at night:

*Adventure Light is a safety light that attaches to a harness for safety when walking at night.

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