Saturday, February 7, 2015

Little Boys and Belly Bands

No, this is not a catchy name for a new American Boy Band!
Kody keeps Mom and Dad happy thanks to his stylish belly band from

Have you ever thought about adopting a little boy Rescued Cairn but couldn’t quite still the fear that he might be lifting his leg in all the wrong places – especially in the house?  It is a legitimate concern, but, as in so many things, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and prevention in this case is spelled “belly band” without a doubt.

A belly band is simply a band of cloth, usually fixed with Velcro closures on either end, which holds a disposable incontinent or feminine hygiene pad in place, wrapped snuggly around your little boy’s spout, ready to catch and safely manage any pee that is produced at inappropriate times in inappropriate places.  Simple as that!

A belly band does nothing to interfere with normal activity...

...or creative sleeping arrangements!

It is not uncommon for a male dog to come into a new environment and lift his leg on everything, even if he has been perfectly housetrained in his Foster Home.  Allowing him to get comfortable in your home while protecting your furnishings with a belly band is the most stress-free way to handle this transition.

It is not forever!  Generally, if your little boy goes two full weeks without wetting his belly band, you’re probably safe packing the band away.  Do keep in mind that any change in the household, such as bringing a new dog home or having company visit with a dog, may upset the pack balance and it might be wise to plan ahead and break out the belly band for a short time to avoid any stress marking.

Belly bands are easy to make, or you can purchase a variety of handsome and stylish bands at the Col. Potter on-line store or custom belly bands from one of our affiliates, (see links below).

So, now that we’ve solved this little problem, don’t you want to cuddle with a sweet little Rescued Cairn boy?  Boys are the best cuddlers, after all!

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Brenda Hickernell said...

Will definitely check out the places for recommended belly bands as I have two almost 4 year old brothers that I've had all their life and for some reason in the last few months they have both started lifting their leg after being house trained for years! I have a few bands from Simple Solutions but am not happy with how they 'bunch up'....if you have any hints as to how I can correct them from this, feel free to let me know! There has been no changes at all in the home; they've lived with their mother and two other dogs (a Sealy and a PBGV) from day one.